Undergraduate Georgia State University (Sociology)
Masters – Georgia State University (Sociology)
Masters – Georgia State University (Sports Management)
PhD Candidate – Florida State University (Sports Management)

Background General

I was born in Draperstwon, Derry (Northern Ireland) and spent a lot of years playing sports such as Gaelic football, Hurling, and Football. At 16, I played football with Coleraine F.C. in the Irish League (top division) and through this experience I received a football scholarship to attend University in the United States of America.  While playing football in America, I received several all conference, all regions, and an honorable mention All- America awards. In 2009, I moved to Korea to join the International Sports and Leisure department.

Background Academic

My background in sports management focuses on 2 aspects – 1) sociological aspects of sport and 2) gender in sport.  Through my sociological research I have looked at a) how sports can help to allow acculturation and b) how sports can help with development both personal and social. I have also spent time researching women in sport through both the media impact on participation and on spectatorship.

Background (outside academia)

Alongside my academic work, I work in the practical side of sports management. For the past 4 years, as chairperson of the Asian County Board (the governmeing body of Gaelic sports in Asia), I oversee the administration of sports that have over 1000 participants.  In this role, I have helped secure funding for many events and increased the number of clubs playing Gaelic sports. One of my greatest achievements is creating the Asian Youth GAA Championships that focuses on promoting the sport to both the local and expat populations around Asia. 2016 was the forst year of the event in Hanoi (Vietnam) and we had over 160 kids playing sports – this is a major achievement in only a short few years.